Professional Services

ActiveArchives specializes in providing hands-on, solution specific Records Management and Document Management professional services.  We supply comprehensive solutions based on our years of experience, our industry knowledge and hundreds of successful implementations.

Clients engage us: 

  • To gain external, more objective advice and proven recommendations
  • To gain access to the our specialized expertise
  • To provide temporary help with special projects requiring expertise in the document management discipline
  • To assure compliance with Federal, State, Local, and Industry standards and mandates
  • To stay maintain current, industry specific technology and software version changes

ActiveArchives provides Professional Services based on the following the basic principles:

  • Focusing on the Relationship: Understanding the personality and expectations of client, client organization and all other stakeholders
  • Clearly Defining Roles: Defined roles and responsibilities for clients, other stakeholders and the ActiveArchives team
  • Visualizing Success: Helping the client see the successful end at the beginning of the project
  • Advising the Client so that the Client can make the best and most informed decision

List of Services

  • Records Management Consulting
    • Records Policy and Procedures Manuals
    • Retention Schedules
    • Departmental Level Onsite Surveys (usually 3 Days onsite)
      • Evaluate up to 3 departments
      • Chart current document flow and records management procedures
      • Detail workflow and business process improvements
      • Detail recommendations for improving business processes
      • Provide a Return on Investment Analysis
      • Present a Survey Report


  • Laserfiche Business Process Services
    • Create/Modify Laserfiche Workflow scripts
    • Create/Modify Laserfiche Quick Fields sessions
    • Implement Laserfiche Records Management Edition
    • Implement Laserfiche Transparent records Management