Cloud Services

Your Success is Our Business!  ActiveArchives is committed to making you more productive and improving your IT experience.   ActiveArchives has been delivering solutions optimized for current technology for over 38 years.

We maintain development and integration relationships with the most respected software providers.  Now we are able to extend these to you, with full proven security, on the Cloud.

Laserfiche Software as a Service (LFSaaS)

  • Laserfiche is the solution to ECM and document management requirements. Now, LFSaaS gives you Laserfiche power, fully configured, as a monthly Software-as-a-Service subscription. Access documents from PC, tablet or phone.
  • For a standard monthly subscription, a user receives a RIO named-user license, access to a secure Laserfiche server repository running on a Cambridge Docs-on-the-Cloud server, 20 GB of document storage, SSL encryption, server maintenance and backup, and access to over 200 training videos.
  • With LFSaaS, you can be up and running in days.  There are no servers, no up-front capital costs and maintenance or administration costs.  You will always have access to the latest Laserfiche version.  Backups are taken automatically.
  • You still enjoy all of the benefits of a full Laserfiche system, including the professional support of ActiveArchives, all running in a proven, secure Cloud environment.  Contact ActiveArchives today to get started.

Why LFSaaS?

  • Best of Breed: LFSaaS is powered by Laserfiche and Amazon Web Services, with millions of users.
  • Secure: Satisfies all current DoD, HIPAA and financial service industry specifications.
  • Easy to Get Started: Turnkey implementation allows licenses, secure server access, repository and folder creation to be up and running in 72 hours.
  • No Server Administration: Backups, maintenance and upgrades are all handled automatically.
  • No Capital Outlay: Pay for only the licenses that you use. No up-front server costs (setup fee varies based on number of users)
  • LFSaaS Cloud Configuration: LFSaaS runs on Cambridge’s Docs-on-the-Cloud servers optimized for Laserfiche. The server is hosted on Amazon Web Services data centers, assuring quality-of-service and reliability. LFSaaS clients connect securely by simply registering the unique instance name.

Docs-on-the-Cloud – Turnkey Document Management

  • “Docs-on-the-Cloud” is a private, virtual server optimized for Laserfiche users who do not wish to support on-premise servers. The server is hosted on IBM\Amazon data centers, assuring quality-of-service and reliability. 
  • Laserfiche clients connect by simply registering their server’s unique name (e.g., ActiveArchives is a certified Cambridge and Amazon Solutions Provider.

Why Docs-on-the-Cloud?

  • Streamlined Enrollment, instance creation, backup management, integration and back office support. 
  • Principal Sales and Support will be conducted by ActiveArchives, who will supply the retail Laserfiche license keys for each instance. 
  • All Instances are for a minimum one-year contract.
  • Best of Breed: Docs-on-the-Cloud is powered by Laserfiche and Amazon Web Services, with millions of users. 
  • Secure: Satisfies all current DOD, HIPAA and financial service industry specifications.
  • Docs-on-the-Cloud is not offered as a Software-as-a-Service. 
  • Docs-on-the-Cloud is an optimized Laserfiche Instance, featuring Windows Server 2008, data transfer and backup between regional data centers, Elastic IPs, server monitoring and reporting.
    • “Docs-on-the-Cloud” provides an alternate, optimized architecture for Laserfiche users:
    • No internal server hardware, server software or backups to administer.
    • No up-front hardware server costs - just a small setup fee and then simply a monthly fee for the service period.
    • No change to your Laserfiche licensing.
    • Delivered by ActiveArchives.
    • Includes backup.
    • Includes secure data transfer.
    • Maintains full Laserfiche administration and configuration rights.
    • Can have separate instances for Laserfiche and SQL Server.
    • Transferable, can always be moved back to an on-premise server, if desired.